Live in-stadium audio is here

ProWire delivers real-time audio of your favorite sports players, referees and commentators straight to your phone. Download the app, plug in your headphones and choose from a selection of dedicated feeds available to you in select stadiums. It’s time to take the fan experience to the next level. Welcome to ProWire.

Cutting edge Real-time technology

ProWire’s real-time audio delivery is powered by patent-pending CrowdFlex™️ technology. CrowdFlex™️ is a first of its kind rapid distribution and scaling solution for digital real-time audio in high-density environments. CrowdFlex™️ is at the core of our 100% vertically integrated, proprietary delivery system, enabling us to stream reliable, real-time, high-quality audio to an unlimited number of concurrent users . Whether it’s an intimate venue, or a full-capacity stadium, ProWire has you covered.

ProWire Operating Team

Gordon Sumner

Chief Executive Officer

New York, United States
James Sumner

Chief Operating Officer

New York, United States
Adam Toner

Chief Technology Advisor

London, United Kingdom

ProWireAdvisory Board

Andrew Pitt

Senior Vice President, Intelliware

Toronto, Canada
Seth Hart

Global Client Lead, Twitter

London, United Kingdom
Mark Rutledge

Managing Director, GSO Capital Partners

New York, United States

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